The Surgery

Glazebrook House was originally built as a pet crematorium in the late 20th century. Following a fire on site, the crematorium business closed down, the building was renovated, and used as offices. After several years standing empty, the lease on the building was taken over by Deborah Guite, who had the building converted into a veterinary surgery at the end of 2009.

Standing in over an acre of grounds, including a formal garden area, large car park, stream and woodland walk, Glazebrook House is a perfect setting for a Veterinary Clinic.

Laboratory and X-Ray

Our dedicated diagnostics room is where we keep our x-ray machine, and our lab equipment.

Our x-ray machine is controlled from outside the room which makes it very safe for our staff, and the radiographs are developed on site, in a specialised dark room.

Our lab equipment consists of a haematology analyser and a biochemistry analyser. We are particularly proud of these as they can give results in minutes for a wide range of tests, from pre-anaesthetic checks, to more complicated diseases such as hyperthyroidism, from just a small sample of blood. A lot of other practices would need to send such samples away to an external lab, which may mean a delay in treatment, whereas these machines mean we can offer a same day result!

We also have a high powered microscope, which allows us to examine skin scrapings, urine and faecal samples.


Our Surgery is built on a large site. We have parking for at least 10 cars, including 2 disabled spaces.

We have a small secure garden area, which we used for exercising our canine in patients, but we also have a large woodland area extending down the side and round the back of the surgery.

Our clients are welcome to walk their dogs around the woodland, as we feel it is important for dogs to have a positive experience when they visit. We encourage owners to allow themselves time to take their dog for a walk after their appointments, if appropriate, so that the dog feels they have had something good out of their visit. We find this makes dogs much happier to come to us, and they seem to be much more relaxed during appointments if they know they are going for a nice walk afterwards.


We have a large waiting area and reception, with plenty of seating space whilst you wait for your appointment.

We also have a wide range of pet foods and accessories on sale in reception. If there is anything you need that we don’t stock, please ask, as we may be able to order for you, with next day delivery from our suppliers.

Please take the time to look through our posters and leaflets on display as they are full of information about caring for your pet, our services and any special offers we are running.

Our staff are always happy to answer any questions you have, so don’t be afraid to ask!

The Consulting Room

The consulting room is where our vet will examine your pet. it’s a bright and airy room, with 2 windows, allowing for lots of natural light.

There is plenty of room to allow more than one family member to come into the appointment, and there are chairs available should you need to sit down.

The table has a soft rubber mat covering, which makes it non-slip, warm and comfortable for your pet to sit on whilst the vet examines them. There is also plenty of space should we need to examine any bigger dogs, who may not need to go on the table!

The Operating Suite

The operating suite at All Creatures consists of a preparation room and an Operating Theatre.

The Prep room is used for preparing animals for surgery – giving anaesthetics, clipping and cleaning surgical sites, and also for “dirty” surgical procedures – such as dental work.

We have an ultrasonic dental unit used for scaling and polishing teeth and a high speed drill unit used to remove teeth and for reconstructive dental work.

The prep room is also where the vets and nurses prepare themselves for surgery, putting on protective clothing and scrubbing themselvesup before entering the operating theatre.

The Operating Theatre is a clean room, which can only be entered by staff wearing suitable protective clothing and footwear. This ensures that the room is kept as sterile as possible.

Both rooms have pneumatic tables, which can be adjusted for height. The Operating Theatre also has a high powered surgical light, which enables us to see clearly whilst we operate.

The Wards

At All Creatures, we have 2 separate wards. The first is the cat and small mammal ward.  There are 4 good sized, secure kennels in which we keep our feline and small mammal patients. We also have facilities for small rodents, such as mice or hamsters.

All the kennels in this room are raised from the floor, making it easy for us to get the patients in and out, and also giving them a good view of the rest of the room, which helps to make them feel more comfortable.

Our dog ward is a large spacious room containing one large walk-in dog kennel, and 4 smaller ones, which can be merged to make 2 larger kennels.  this gives us plenty of flexibility in our use of the room.

Because the two wards are separate, we can keep noisy dogs away from cats, that might otherwise be distressed by the sound of barking. In addition we can stop dogs getting overexcited by seeing cats!